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Ice cream factory tours for children and adults

Children are curious and open-minded, that's why they love school trips. Visits to Moscow are almost part of the curriculum now. 

Children are curious and open-minded, that's why they love school trips. Visits to Moscow are almost part of the curriculum now. 

The tour is for children of 6 and older. We invite you to come on a school trip or family day, celebrate your child's birthday or have a great time at our factory on holidays.

Production secrets

Tours for parents with children are guided by our entertainers. Chief ice cream maker Chistalin with his assistant Chistalina will first explain the rules of conduct and safety precautions that must be observed in the shops. All guests will be given sterile robes, shoe covers and caps to ensure the safety of our workshops and keep your clothes clean during the tasting.

The tour route goes through the main workshops, where ingredients are processed and combined into delicious ice cream:

  1. The journey begins at the warehouse where visitors will learn how the ingredients get to the factory and why storage rules are so important. Chistalin will reveal some fun facts, for example, how many ice cream sticks fit in one box or why milk trucks are equipped with mini laboratories.
  2. Waffle shop is the sweet scented room where waffles are baked. Here you will try a crispy freshly baked waffle, and, of course, learn how it is cooked.
  3. Then you will come to the cookshop, where all products are mixed and boiled at low temperatures. The resulting mass is supplied to the homogenizer for final mixing, and then cooled with a stream of ice water and sent to another room for maturing. In this workshop everyone will try soft ice cream, which is very tender and rich thanks to the classic recipe.
  4. In the last workshop, you will see how the cones are filled with ice cream, and popsicles are covered with chocolate icing. Chistalin will tell you all about packaging and transportation of the finished product.

During the tour, children and adults will not only learn the production secrets, but recipes too. You will leran that our ice cream is not only delicious, but also healthy. We use only natural and environmentally friendly products: milk, cream, honey, and nuts without any GMOs or chemical additives.

Master class

After learning fascinating facts about the production of ice cream, everyone will want to try the cold dessert themselves. We invite all visitors to our cozy cafe where the entertainers will hold a master class on decorating ice cream with toppings and sprinkles. You will create your own edible masterpiece and eat it too.

We love to experiment, so our factory produces not only classic flavors, but also unique combinations of exotic fruits, berries, chocolate, nuts, and honey. At the master class, you will try our original varieties of ice cream. This will be a real gourmet experience.


We have prepared delicious gifts for all our guests. After the master class, everyone will get souvenirs. But this is just the beginning. When you return home, a courier will bring you a whole box of delicious ice cream to remind you of the amazing day spent at our factory. Unique moments of the tour will be captured by our professional photographer and posted on our website.

Tours for parents with children to the Chistaya Liniya ice cream factory are an opportunity to have a great time, try original ice cream varieties and also learn a lot.

You can book a tour by calling +7 (499) 110-02-20 or on our website. Tours are conducted on weekdays and weekends.

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