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Where can you take children on a school trip?

Children are curious and open-minded, that's why they love school trips. Visits to Moscow are almost part of the curriculum now.

Children are curious and open-minded, that's why they love school trips. Visits to Moscow are almost part of the curriculum now.

But what if you have been to the capital many times, visited many museums and saw all the landmarks? Where can you take children on a fun educational trip?

Chistaya Liniya invites everyone to spend a day at the ice cream factory, where you will learn the secrets of production and get a taste too.

What awaits visitors at the factory

We have prepared a fun educational program that both children and adults will find very entertaining. The guests will embark on a journey accompanied by our smart and talented tour guides. Chief ice cream maker with his assistant will reveal all the secrets of ice cream production, answer the children's questions and hold a fun game.

Innovation and technology

Our factory is equipped with modern manufacturing lines. Children will see how high-tech equipment works and what it does. Chistalin and Chistalina will talk about each step in the production of everyone's favorite treat. The journey starts in the warehouse where all ingredients are stored under certain conditions, and the tour guides will tell the children all about why it is important.

Then the tour will go through the main workshops. Visitors can enjoy freshly baked waffles in the waffle workshop. In the cookroom they will see how products are mixed and boiled to make a homogeneous mass, which is then frozen. Here you will try soft ice cream. Children will learn that ice cream needs to mature before it enters the molding workshop. And we will also show how cold white mass turns into a popsicle with chocolate icing, ice cream cone with pieces of fruit and nuts, unique black ice cream and classic wite ice cream - plombir.

Healthy and delicious 

Chistaya Liniya is a place where children can go on a school trip and try new combinations of tastes. After a tour of the production process, all visitors are invited to a cozy room for a master class and tasting.

Our entertainers will show how to arrange ice cream on a plate and decorate it. Then the guests will create their own edible masterpieces using various toppings and sprinkles.

Chistalin will also tell you why our ice cream is healthy. Children will learn that only natural and environmentally friendly ingredients are used for its manufacture, and a healthy diet for cows makes the milk delicious and healthy.

Gifts are waiting for our guests

We prepared a delicious surprise for each guest. We will send a box full of ice cream by courier to your home, so that you could enjoy our delicious products longer.

Other advantages of visiting our factory:

  1. When choosing a tour for their children, parents think safety first. We have made sure children are absolutely safe in the production workshops. Adults can accompany the group and look after the children.
  2. We invite a professional photographer to capture the smiles and happy faces stuffing ice cream. They take beautiful high-quality pictures, which you can find later in our photo album in the Your Photos section.
  3. We have created a convenient website with all the necessary information on the program, the number of participants in the group, cost, and online form for booking. 

If you don't know where to take the class on a school trip, choose the Chistaya Liniya factory! We guarantee the children will have a great time! If you have any questions, please call us: +7 (499) 110-02-20.

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