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Weekend in Moscow. Where can you spend time with your child?

Куда пойти с детьми в выходные в Москве, чтобы этот семейный день был интересным, насыщенным и веселым? Фабрика "Чистая Линия" приглашает всех на вкусную экскурсию по производству мороженого, где вы узнаете секреты приготовления всеми любимого лакомства. Тут будет интересно не только детям, но и взрослым!

Where can you go with children on a weekend in Moscow to make this family day entertaining, eventful and fun? The Chistaya Liniya factory invites you to take a delicious tour of the ice cream factory, where you will learn the secrets of making everyone's favorite treat. Both children and adults will love it!

Chistaya Liniya tour – fun, educational and delicious

Parents take weekends to treat their children to a fun day visiting attractions, cinemas, zoo, or cafes. But sooner or later, you'd want to shake things up. You need a place where children will have a lot of fun but also learn something new.


You will take a tour of all the main workshops and learn about each stage of ice cream production, starting from the warehouse and ending with the packaging workshop. When passing through the waffle and cooking workshops, you will be treated to luscious freshly baked waffles and soft ice cream. At the end of the route, the guests will learn the secret - our unique ice cream recipe.

What you will learn on the tour:

  1. We will tell about the key ingredient - milk. To make it delicious and healthy, we take good care of our cows and ensure their proper nutrition. In summer cows eat juicy grass, and in winter our factory supplies them with balanced food with the necessary vitamins. Our milk does not contain GMOs or chemical additives. This natural, environmentally friendly and healthy ingredient is the basis of our ice cream!
  2. Milk is transported in milk trucks equipped with mini-laboratories, where primary tests are carried out right during milk collection. Upon arrival at the factory, we do more tests and send samples Rostest for an independent examination.
  3. After undergoing quality control, the select milk is pasteurized at 92°C. This process eliminates harmful bacteria and at the same time preserves all the beneficial properties of milk.
  4. Now it's time for the most exciting stage - production! The children will get to see production equipment, automatic lines and well-coordinated work of employees. After pasteurization, milk enters the workshop, where it is mixed with condensed milk, cream and other ingredients. This delicious mass is cooked for about 40 minutes and sent to the homogenizer for final mixing. The homogeneous mass is cooled at -4°C with an ice-cold stream of water.
  5. Next, the ice cream is supplied to the workshop for maturing. This will take 1-2 days and a temperature of 2-4°C. Then it enters the freezer and is prepared for pouring.
  6. Matured ice cream goes to the molding workshop, and then to packaging. Some varieties are coated with chocolate.
  7. Packed ice cream is stored in the freezer, and after 40 minutes it is ready for shipment.

Still not convinced? Let's continue!


All these interesting facts about the production of ice cream will be presented by our friendly entertainers. They conduct the tour, entertain the guests and arrange a little game. The group will also be accompanied by our photographer, who will take beautiful pictures and catch funny moments. Afterwards you can find them on our website in the Your Photos section.

Still thinking where to take children on weekend in Moscow? Our factory invites you to try something delicious!


After the tour, we invite guests to visit our cozy cafe. The entertainers will hold a master class on decorating ice cream with nuts, sprinkles, toppings, and chocolate chips. You can try all the different flavors from classic to exotic.

Now you know where to take your child on the weekend to make it a day to remember! We have also prepared gifts for all participants - boxes of ice cream that a courier will deliver right to your doorstep!

Our address: 13 Vinogradnaya str., Dolgoprudny, Moscow region.

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