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Excursions for schoolchildren

Excursions take place 7 days a week. The first one is at 9:45, the last one is at 19:45 

The excursion price is 1750 rubles per 1 person (The bus order is paid separately)
Excursions for schoolchildren

Excursions are arranged for organized childish & mixed (children number is not less than 60%) groups. There are from 15 to 54 persons in 1 group.

For a childish excursion - 1 free ticket for an adult as an attendant is provided for every 10 paid excursionists. Pay attention that this rule is applied only for childish groups where children number is not less than 60%. If you have a mixed group, that’s 40% adults or more, we give a right of free passing only to 1 person, the organizer. If you don’t make a group of 15 persons & more, then we’re ready to arrange an individual excursion for You with a fixed price: 30 000 rubles per group. Otherwise, You can join a mixed group, following this link

If You are in Moscow, we’re ready to help You with a bus renting. Bus providing is count every time in an individual way , for the price depends on distance. 

The order process
1. Booking

You book an excursion on the site or by phone: 
+7 (499) 110-02-20

2. Prepayment

You make a prepayment of 10 000 rubles within 10 days after having booked 

3. Additional payment

You can make additional payment for the rest excursion participants at the factory on the excursion

4. Excursionists’ list

2 days before the excursion You fill a form of the excursionists’ list (you will get a link together with the booking approving) before 17:00. Pay Your attention that the group won’t be allowed to take part in the excursion if the list is not provided.

5. Meeting of the groupArrival to the factory

On arrival the guardians will inform you where to park. Then you wait at parking until our animators invite you to the excursion

6. Meeting of the group

Our animators will be informed as soon as You enter the territory & they will welcome you as soon as they are ready. 


Within a week after the excursion every participant will be delivered a gift-surprise by ‘Chistaya Liniya’ factory

Delivery is around Moscow & the Moscow Region 

Book & pay on-line