Official website for the tours of Chistaya Liniya ice cream factory
Mon – Fri 09:00–19:00,Sat – Sun 9:00–18:00

Elena Bush

Hello! We were surprised by how good this tour was. We visited on October 21, 2017 at 14.00. Amazing tour. Delicious ice cream, everything is clean and wonderful. A day later, a polite driver delivered a gift from the factory to our home! My son was happy! We were also delighted. This is a childhood dream - the kind wizard brings 20 popsicles as a gift. We have preferred Chistaya Liniya ice cream before for its wonderful taste, and now we are glad to know the manufacturer.. Well done, Chistaya Liniya!! Thank you so much for giving joy to our children. Please accept sincere gratitude to your employees from our entire family. We wish you success and prosperity!