Official website for the tours of Chistaya Liniya ice cream factory
Mon – Fri 09:00–19:00,Sat – Sun 9:00–18:00

Diana Aprelskaya

Our children were at your factory on March 16, 2018. For the first time we saw such a well-organized process, cleanliness and friendliness. Chistalins and Chistalina - a special hello to you! It was very interesting for both children and adults! And most importantly, DELICIOUS! My son still remembers chocolate ice cream and says that this was the best tour in his life! And he visited a lot of places, not only in Russia. It's nice that we have such a factory. Now we buy your products with great pleasure and confidence, especially now that we have a 20% discount. Special thanks for bringing ice cream to our home, as many as 20 popsicles, everyone is happy! Thank you very much! We wish prosperity, new flavors and ideas to your factory!