Official website for the tours of Chistaya Liniya ice cream factory
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Ларкина Л.В.

We were on a wonderful tour for our class on January 27, 2018. A feeling of delight overwhelms all the tour participants even after a week!

The organization was great: everything is thought through down to the smallest detail: the greeting when we got off the bus, the hygienic turnstile, tour of production support, master class, photo shoot and the end of the tour with balloons and souvenirs. Lovely friendly guides told us all about the production of ice cream. The master class caused a storm of positive emotions in children!

We knew each participant would receive a gift from the factory. But we did not expect such a gift.

Thank you very much! Each family had ice cream to their fill. Such generous attitude is rare nowadays.

We wish prosperity to your Chistaya Liniya factory for the benefit of all people working at this production and those who eat your most delicious products!