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Hello! My daughter visited your tour on November 5 with friends from her class. All the children liked it very much – the tour was interesting, and most importantly, they tried a lot of ice cream and everything was very tasty! Sheer children's happiness. Thank you very much for the surprise gift. Of course, children knew about it, but getting an ENTIRE BOX OF ESKIMO is still absolutely amazing, my daughter has been jumping with joy around the house for about an hour. The delivery is quite convenient, you can choose the most convenient time. The courier is very polite and friendly.

I was swept by the letter addressed to the tour participant from the director of your factory (in our case to our daughter). It said “Dear Madam...” and “please let me present you a gift box of ice cream...” - it’s amazing! We had great mood for the whole day, and, of course,  the ice cream tastes very good (we could not resist and started eating despite having a cold). Thank you again,

Regards, Olga

Thank you to all your team!