Official website for the tours of Chistaya Liniya ice cream factory
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Valentina A


Were on the tour of your factory with a class on December 9. To say that we were satisfied is to say nothing! The organization is top notch. Despite the fact that it was a Saturday, and there were many tours, no one bothers anyone, we did not have to wait or stand in a crowd. We saw all stages of production and even tried the product at different stages of its preparation. The factory is very nice - everything is very clean and tidy. Souvenirs at the end of the tour were another pleasant surprise! Thank you! It would seem that the tour ended, we just go home and that’s it, but no!

Soon, «a wizard in a blue helicopter» suddenly came into our house and brought us a huge gift! I am 36 years old, but it took my breath away when I saw a company car with a huge popsicle on the roof! And when all the envelopes, bags and boxes were opened... Wow! What will happen when our child comes from school and sees all this?! Thanks to everyone who brought us this joy! You gave us so many wonderful emotions! I recommend this tour to everyone!