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Information for visitors

During the excursion it is allowed to take photos but for your convenience you will be accompanied with our photographer! You can view and download the photos after excursion

Every visitor will get generous gifts from the ice-cream manufacturer Chistaya Liniya Company and observation deck Panorama 360

Our visitors will learn the history of Moscow and will get acquainted with the modern augmented reality technology

The excursion is conducted on the highest observation deck in Europe: Panorama 360.

The excursion will be conducted by the professionals already known to you - our main iceman Chistalin and his assistant Chistalina!

The excursion will be not only cognitive but also most tasty: we will taste chocolate, make our ice-cream on a stick and will enjoy the wonders of chemical reactions of natural products

The time of excursion is limited but the time of staying at the observation deck is not!

Visit the highest ice-cream production in the world arranged by Chistaya Liniya Company

We will be glad to answer any of your questions: + 7 499 110 02 20

Price and duration of the excursion

The cost of ticket is 1750 rubles for 1 visitor

Duration: 1.5 hours

We attend the groups from 11:00 to 19:00

Trip on the excursion
10 min
Meeting of the group and lifting with the high-speed elevator (8 m/sec)
40 min
Excursion with Chistalin
30 min
Workshop session and tasting with the elements of the show will take30
10 min
Gifts giving
Free time on the observation deck is unlimited
Trip on the excursion
The number of people in the group shall be
from 22 to 30 visitors
For the groups of visitors from 22 to 30 people 1
ticket for the tour leader is free of charge
If the group consists of less than 22 visitors,
the fixed rate is applied in the amount of 38,500 rubles
for the whole group
1. Booking
You may book your excursion on the web-site or by phone:
+7 (499) 110-02-20
2. Prepayment
Within 10 days after booking you shall make a prepayment
amounting to 10 000 rubles
3. Additional payment
Additional payment for other participants of excursion you can
make at the factory on the day of excursion by cash
4. List of visitors
2 days before the excursion you shall fill in the form of the list of visitors
(the link will be given to you in the booking confirmation) up to 17:00.
Please note that without such list the group will not be allowed to excursion!